Tuesday, August 28, 2007

αυτός αστείος

That's the Greek for "that's funny," according to Babelfish (so God only knows what it actually means).

Anyway, that Nana is such a card. We were in the car when a report came over NPR about all the wildfires in Greece that started last week. I was already silently forming the punchline of a "a Greece fire" when my mom said it out loud. We chuckled, but then she slayed me with "And I bet they're putting water on it too."

Monday, August 20, 2007

I never get these things exactly right

Today was Nana's 81st birthday - we spent the evening in the private room at Glacier Brewhouse for a lovely dinner celebration with friends. Amazing food, wonderful company, lots of laughter and we got Nana to tell lots of stories about her youth.

But did I take a single photo? Nope. Unngggggh!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

National Homeless Animals Day

Will anyone remember me?
I was just one in a million,
Of millions more, who walked
And breathed and lived, and died
When love ran out for me.

Does anyone remember me?
In that crowd of hopeful faces,
Does anyone notice my two bright eyes?
Or have the colors run together

And the faces disappeared
In a nameless river
That gathers and gathers
That washes against dark doors and sullen porches
And roars on to a savage sea.

Will anyone remember me?
Do I dance now in your dreams?
I walked and breathed and lived and loved
And I was one in a million.

Peg Banks, 2007