Friday, October 15, 2004

Our friend Kody

This marks the passing of our friend Kody, a beautiful big black mastiff boy who will leave us in a couple of hours for his Bridge crossing. I wasn't able to say very much of what I wanted to say to him when I said goodbye a little while ago, but it was good to share some kisses and to see that his last day is a relatively good one despite a couple of falls while taking his walk today.

The only way I know to describe how I feel about Kody is that he is one of the brethren; that is, he is a Gryphon dog in every respect, and that is not something I would lightly say. The chain that will pull each of us across one day is acquiring a singular might on this evening.

Please hold a good thought for Kody's journey, for his sister Rocky who awaits him on the other side, and for their family Kari, Dirk, Cassi and Colton, whose home will be suddenly so much larger and emptier tonight. Kody was twelve years on this earth.