Wednesday, March 16, 2005


So about 8pm last night, I'm standing in the water trying to push boxes of my flood-destroyed belongings up out of the crawl space, when my phone rings with my boss's housesitter in a panic about DC (my boss's 17-yo kitty). So I spent the rest of the evening at the emergency vet. It was okay and I had a feeling it was fluid migration because it was rapid swelling (I'd only been there to give him his subq fluids about 4 hours prior) but it went into his right leg all the way down to his paw and looked pretty horrid. So better safe than sorry in case it was a hematoma or an infection.

Anyway. Not a red letter day for me. Still waiting for one of those red letter days. Or maybe those red letter days are a big red F, for yes, you're F****d. If that's the case I'm having a bunch ofthem.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Some days it's just too much

Went down in the crawl space for something and discovered it's flooded. Not from leaking in, as this is the side that's sealed, all visqueened and carpeted and nice. Not anymore. A joint in one of the water pipes apparently came loose from the rafter and has been spewing down for a while - I don't know how long it's been spraying everywhere because I haven't been in the crawl space in a couple of months.

Trying to manage work contingencies for my boss who is stamping her foot in Mexico, while trying to get back to the house to start pulling out everything that's destroyed and make room for a sump pump.

I don't understand why nothing can go right, even for just a little while.