Monday, November 26, 2007

Long days

Another month of impossible days gone by. Today was my last regular day at Job #1, having only worked Mondays (and some weekends) this month. Since the first of Nov, I've officially transitioned to Dog Tired as the daycare manager for the next however many months while the building expansion is underway and I run the boarding operation instead.

An agreement's been signed on the new building, and the 60 days of due diligence and financing is elapsing quickly. If that goes well, renovations will start, and by the summer we will be in operation.

In the meantime, I've just been working as many hours as I can put in there, as well as the max hours I can put in at Job #1 to help with that transition - as a financial firm, year-end and prep for the 2008 tax season makes this a critical time of year.

FOP has really fallen by the wayside for me, and I am grieving that a lot as the backlog grows and I feel pretty despondent about holding up my end of things there. The days are burdensome and there isn't a lot of me left. I have had a little time to work on editing Matthew's manuscript and I've really enjoyed those few moments.

Nana fell ill on Thanksgiving and I took her to the ER where she was determined to be in atrial fib again and her lungs quickly filled with fluid - congestive heart failure. She came home last night. So this past weekend has been about trying to put in time at both jobs, take care of my own dogs and spend as much time at the hospital as I could. She's feeling better and I hope the medication changes will help keep her symptoms at a manageable level. I feel very tired; maybe I said that already. I'm working 7 days/wk most weeks through mid-February, and when I think about the holidays and the additional things that are expected, I just wish so much that it could pass by me this year.