Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I'm posting the photo of Luther before surgery because the ones afterward are grim. Here he is with his "don't cut off this one!" warning label on his front leg (which they allowed him to keep through surgery - the label as well as the leg, I mean). He is in inconsolable misery tonight.

First: it was an abscess, a large plate-shaped one under the skin that had found the external cyst as a release valve. Dr. Ron said the abscess itself is larger than his hand and he couldn't just excise it because there would be about a 4-inch skin gap that couldn't be closed. He was concerned that he was seeing a mast cell tumor in the middle of the mess, but all of the cells he looked at under microscope appear to be infection, not cancer. (This is the only piece of good news so you can stop reading right here if you like.)

This is why I love a doctor who practices the art of medicine as beautifully as he does the science of it. I want a surgeon who knows when something could snowball and doesn't need to showboat over it. So this has become a two-surgery process. For today, just the external growth came off, the area was explored and a good deal of it cleaned by flushing, drains installed and antibiotics begun.

Managing drains for the next several days - I can probably pull them out this weekend. Two weeks of heavy antibiotics to try to knock down the infection. Recheck in two weeks to determine next steps; Ron says another surgery is likely, hopefully where more of the problem can be removed but with a more feasible way of closing him up.

He refused to get up when it when it was time to leave the clinic. I waited out front and finally Dr. Ron said come on back, maybe he will get up for you. There was really no reason why he couldn't or shouldn't, but he just wouldn't. We put him on his feet and he slowly got part of the way, carried him the rest. Ron says it isn't from anesthesia - it was pretty brief, minimal, and reversed hours ago - so maybe he's just exhausted and sick and miserable. On the way home he just melted into the car seat, and when we stopped by Dog Tired for some supplies and Miss Lindsay came out to say hello, he wouldn't even lift his head for her.

Once home, there was no moving him off the car seat without cries of pain and weak attempts to bite. Matthew and I just worked at it slowly, lifting him slightly and shifting him an inch or two, again and again until we got him out of the car. Again he refused to walk, so was carried into the house and onto his bed, covered him with a blanket and he has not moved an eyelash since. He isn't sleeping, he is just staring and....holding. very. very. still.

Now we just wait, and go through it together until we get to some place that isn't this place. I'm holding it together, but my stomach is just in tense knots and my jaw is locked tight to keep any feelings from falling out unexpectedly!


Crowzma said...

Poor Luther. Your description reminds me of how Beckett was after one of his surgeries, only instead of lying down and refusing to move, Beckett stood there and refused to move or lie down. I spent the night sitting on the floor, letting him sleep standing up with his weight resting against me. Got him a fentanyl patch the next morning, and made him some very solemn promises that I kept till the end of his life. I really feel for your boy, Peg. I know just how your stomach feels, too.

Robin's Reports said...

Peg & Luther, I am so sorry. He sounds so miserable. My heart & prayers will go out to you as you begin this journey of care & healing. Sometimes the roads we walk on are not pleasant at all. But pray God will give you the strength from Him to walk on it. Some things can only be done that way. I know that's how I survived a year of Jackson's DM. The last month was just awful, but somehow we did it. We do it because we're moms - dog moms with big hearts.
Hugs to you & Luther too.

me and my GSDs said...

Sending loads of zen for Luther and for your nerves too. I hope that the second surgery is much less involved for his sake.



steersbylitning with two collies said...

Sorry that Luther is so miserable, but I hope the antibiotics do their work and that the second surgery (if needed) will take care of the problem. Meanwhile, sending megazen to both Luther and to you.