Monday, December 17, 2007

Trout is an angel now

Our beloved Trout died yesterday. So was just days ago that Tanya came out from her classroom and asked me to take a look at what she was seeing in his breathing. Her alert observation had Trout to the vet that evening where his lung tumor was diagnosed. He was really a friend to every dog at Dog Tired and I am just heartsick. I'll never forget how he bounded in every morning and we all sang "Trout!" (actually, we all went "Twowwwwt" - we always called him Twout for some reason). I'll also never forget the day I suddenly could NOT find him in class, and ran in and out and even out to the parking lot before finally discovering that he'd packed his big self into a little dark blue airline kennel and made himself practically invisible. Oh Trout, I just can't believe I'll never hug you again.

Trout Branson
July 12, 1999 to December 16, 2007

by Kari Campbell

Trout Branson entered Dog Tired on October 13, 2005, just ten days after we opened. An institution here, he was a friend to everyone large and small. His entrance every morning was eager and excited and he left with the same enthusiasm each night when his parents came to pick him up.

The staff spoke often of his uncanny lust for life and great luck with his health. As a young dog living in King Salmon, Trout was accidentally struck by a plane propeller on the airstrip. Severely injured and with no veterinary care nearby, his family was forced to make the decision to put him down. Trout took one look at them and took off into the wilderness. Several days later, very ill from his injuries, he was stumbled upon and rushed into Anchorage for emergency vet care. He survived against all odds to a full recovery.

The last year has been difficult for his health, but he remained in daycare, ever eager to come visit his pals and share his wisdom. Two weeks ago it was discovered he had a lung tumor. His last visit with us was a happy one and we will all miss his sweet face and cheery disposition.

Please keep Trout and his family in your thoughts and prayers this holiday season as they go through this difficult time.

We will miss you dear Trout.

Your Dog Tired Family